Click on a link to the right to view the results for the various SRFC Tournaments in 2017.

For 2017, our club will award prizes for the following:

Angler of the Year - will be determined by the highest point total after the end of the last regular tournament season.

Rookie of the Year -  will be determined by the highest point total for the newest members for the regular tournament season.

Lunker of the Year - will be determined by the heaviest single Bass recorded by a member registered in the "Lunker Contest", from January 1, 2017 to the end of 2017.

The Point System and Requirements will be published with each tournaments Rules and Regulations.

     2017 Tournament Results

   4/29/17 Ice-Out All Species Challenge

   Winner - Tom Braden 8lb.-7oz.

   5/20/17 Spring Bass Classic

   Winner - Ray DiRussa 11lb.-2oz.

   6/3/17 Bass Master Classic

   Winner - Bob Herrington 10lb.-13oz.

   6/25/17 Summer All Species

Winners - Tom Braden & Jeb Bartow 22lb.-10oz.

   7/15/17 Evening Bass Challenge

Winners - Ray DiRussa & Ken Bogush 13lb.-9oz.

   8/26/17 Catfish Classic

Winners - John Roberts, Dusty Schmidt & Grier McCormick

27lb. - 14oz.

   9/16/17 Fall Bass Classic

 Winner - Ray DiRussa 8lb.-8oz.


Angler of the year totals as of 7/15/17

Ray DiRussa - 330 points

Kat Tripaldi - 320 points

Kevin Edwards - 290 points

Jeb Bartow - 280 points

Tom Braden - 270 points

Ken Bogush - 255 points

John Roberts - 240 points

Carl Monesmith - 175 points

Bob Herrington - 130 points

Eric Subliskey - 120 points

Pete Postach - 90 points

Paul Marston - 90 points

Dusty Schmidt - 65 points

Grier McCormick - 60 points

Steve Halasnik - 40 points

Maxwell Halasnik - 40 points

2017 SRFC Tournament Schedule

  April 29th- 9:00 am— 1pm       Ice-Out All Species Team Tournament
  May 20th- 6:00 am—12pm       Spring Bass Classic – Individual Challenge 
  June 3rd- 5:30 am—12pm       Bass Master Classic – Individual Challenge 
  June 24th- 6:00 am—12pm       Summer Team Challenge- All Species 
  July 15th- 7:00 pm—11pm       Evening Team Bass Challenge 
  August 26th- 7:00 pm—11pm       Catfish Classic – Team Challenge 
  September 16th- 7:00 am-12pm       Fall Bass Classic Individual Challenge 
  October 21st- 9:00 am--1pm            “The Big Chill” All Species Team Challenge